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Cleaning Products [Back to Top]

  • Green Works TM by Clorox: a new line of natural cleaning products, made from ingredients that are from renewable resources, biodegradable and free of petrochemicals. The Sierra Club's decision to lend its support (and logo) to Green Works products was controversial in some quarters, but the environmental group concluded that a large manufacturer like Clorox was in a better position to get green cleaning products in widespread use than smaller companies. Made in USA.
  • Nature's Choice by Fuller Brush(Great Bend, KS): a new line of cleaning products made from natural ingredients, biodegradable, no chlorine or phosphorus, non-toxic, recyclable packaging. Made in USA.
  • Seventh Generation (Burlington, VT): non-chlorine bleached, 100% recycled household paper products; non-toxic, phosphate-free cleaning, dish and laundry products; plastic trash bags made from recycled plastic; chlorine-free baby diapers, training pants, and baby wipes; and chlorine-free feminine care products, including organic cotton tampons. USA/Import. Available from Gaiam.
Clothing & Home Textiles [Back to Top]

Bamboosa Made in USA

Bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton ...

  • Bamboosa (Andrews, SC): men's and women's clothing made from a bamboo/cotton blend fabric, plus bamboo soap and other fun items. Made in USA.
  • Blue Canoe (Garberville, CA): yoga apparel and bodywear, including lingerie, made with organic cotton. Made in USA.
  • Certified Jeans (Seattle, WA): men's and women's jeans made from American-grown organic cotton. Made in USA.
  • Cottonfield (Allston, MA): organic cotton clothing for men and women, including sleepwear and intimates. Made in USA.
  • Earth Creations (Bessemer, AL): short and long-sleeved tees of cotton and organic cotton, dyed with natural clays in beautiful muted colors of the earth, with eco designs. Made in USA.
  • Earth Wear (Chattanooga, TN): organic cotton kids clothing, including jeans from color-grown cotton (no dyes!). Made in USA.
  • Esperanza Threads (Bedford, OH): organic cotton clothing made by a fair-wage cooperative in inner-city Cleveland. Made in USA.
  • Green 3 Apparel (Oshkosh, WI): sweaters of organic merino wool, tops and tote bags of organic cotton. Made in USA.
  • KidBean: vegan and organic products for babies and kids, including diapers, bedding, toys, and bath products. USA/Import.
  • Mountains of the Moon (Chicago, IL): fashion-forward (and sometimes quirky!) garments made from hemp, tencel, and organic cotton in small family-owned facilities. Made in USA.
  • My Green Closet (Plymouth, MN): organic cotton clothing for kids, sizes 2T-6. Made in USA.
  • A Natural Home (Fredericktown, OH): organic cotton crib bedding, and cribs and baby furniture made in Ohio from sustainable harvest woods. Made in USA.
  • Pixel Organics (Los Angeles, CA): organic crib and toddler bedding, available from Bellacor Made in USA.
  • Poetic Justice (Ashville, NC): designer apparel and accessories, including graphic tees, tweed suits, and soft bags, all made from organic cotton. Made in USA.
  • Rawganique (Denman Island, BC, Canada): apparel and homewares made from organic hemp, cotton, and linen. Made in USA, Canada, and Europe.
  • SOS From Texas: organic cotton tees and night shirts, made in North Carolina from organic cotton grown on a family farm in Texas. Made in USA.
  • Teko (Boulder, CO): high-performance sports socks for hiking, biking, running, and skiing. Made from organic merino wool from Argentina, ecopoly from recycled polyester, Ingeo from corn starch, and organic cotton. Available from . Made in USA.
  • Terra Tees (Charlotte, NC): organic cotton snap tees for wee ones, the perfect time to start being eco-conscious. Made in USA.
Furniture [Back to Top]

(e.g., made from sustainable/local harvest wood, non-toxic finish, recycled content)

  • The Old Wood Co. (Ashville, NC): tables of all sizes (dining, end, parlor, and accent tables), made from reclaimed wood and recycled steel. Made in USA.

Personal Care Products [Back to Top] FREE SAMPLES
  • Arizona Sun (Scottsdale, AZ): sun care, moisturizers, and bath products made with Southwest botanicals like aloe, sage, cacti, and jojoba. "RightForFlight" collections feature small sizes suitable for airline travel. Made in USA.
  • Burt's Bees (Durham, NC): a wide range of personal care products made from natural ingredients. Made in USA.
  • Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps (Escondido, CA): a full line of plant-based soaps, lotions, balms, and hair care products, certified organic and Fair Trade, from a company with a very interesting history. Made in USA.
  • Little Twig (El Segundo, CA): baby bath and skincare products, gentle scents or scent-free, made from organic and natural ingredients. Available from My All-American Store. Made in USA.
  • Kiss My Face (Gardiner, NY): a complete line of natural and organic body care products, including skin and hair care, children's products, and bath/shower products. Except for toothpaste (Italy) and olive oil soap (Greece), all products made in USA.
  • MBeze (Wausau, WI): natural skin care products, including scented oils, mists and perfumes, and wonderful little "take-along" deodorettes. (Read my MBeze product review.) Made in USA.
  • Nurture My Body (Rainier, WA): personal care products, including baby care products, made from certified organic ingredients. Made in USA.

Recycled/Recovered Materials [Back to Top]


  • Alkemie Jewelry (Los Angeles, CA): exceptional jewelry made from reclaimed metal (copper, nickel, and and silver by request). Available from eConscious Market. Made in USA.
  • Diamond57 (Gresham, OR): purses and handbags from reclaimed cowboy boots, old horse bridles, tack, leather belts and horse bits. Made in USA.
  • Earthchic (Mobile, AL): wonderful tote bags made from Ecospun, a fabric made completely from recycled soda bottles. Made in USA.
  • Green Guru Gear (Boulder, CO): turning "repurposed" vinyl billboards, rubber inner tubes, and Neoprene wetsuits into fun and fashionable totes, messenger bags, wallets and more. Available from Made in USA.
  • Hero Bags (San Francisco, CA): reusable shopping bags and totes, made from recycled cotton and post-consumer plastic. Made in USA.
  • Junk to Jewels (Frederick, MD): fun and colorful jewelry made from recycled glass, vintage beads, and a little bit of everything else. Made in USA.
  • Mackerilla Design (Santa Cruz, CA): beautiful bags, totes, and packs made from upholstery remnants, many Italian-made fabrics. Instead of being discarded, these "bolt ends" are made into wonderful products. Made in USA.
  • Relios Jewelry (Albuquerque, NM): American-made jewelry of silver and gemstones, using only recovered precious metals, in wonderful styles with a Southwestern flair. Made in USA. Also available from My All-American Store


  • Fire and Light (Arcata, CA): hand-poured glass tableware made from recycled glass. Made in USA.
  • Green Glass, Inc. (Schofield, WI): converting wine and beverage bottles into beautiful goblets, tumblers, and art glass. Made in USA.
  • Green House Framing (Portland, OR): simply beautiful handmade wooden frames, made from recovered wood, mostly Douglas fir. Made in USA.
  • Recycline (Waltham, MA): toothbrushes, razors, and plastic kitchen and tablewares, all made from 100% recycled materials. Made in USA.

Little Luxuries

  • Crane & Co. (Dalton, MA): my absolute favorite stationery and personalized cards (announcements and invitations), of cotton paper made from recovered cotton fibers from garment factories. Read the company's green commitment. Can't miss! Made in USA.

Solar Gadgets [Back to Top]

This small solar panel powers the pump for a decorative garden fountain.

  • SunRise Solar Inc. (St. John, IN): solar-powered attic fans, easy to install out of the box. Models for shingle, tile, shake and flat roofs, eligible for Federal tax credit. Made in USA., Inc

Minimalist shoes for healthy feet


Where Can I Recycle Old Electronics?

Best Buy accepts old computer and other electronic products, no charge, at many of their stores.

Staples accepts used computers, monitors, printers and fax machines for a $10 recycling fee, regardless of where the items were purchased.

U.S. Postal Service has begun a pilot program in 10 urban areas to offer postage-free "mail back" envelopes for recycling ink-jet cartridges and small electronic devices, including cell phones, digital cameras, and MP3 players.

How Can I Cut Water Use?

Alliance for Water Efficiency: an online library of information on water-saving products and practices.

How do I dispose of Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs)?

CFLs burn longer, and use less electricity, than traditional (incandescent) bulbs. However, CFLs contain small amounts of mercury and should not be placed in household trash. IKEA has an in-store take back program, as does Home Depot. You can also check with your local municipality for disposal options.

Upcoming Topic: E-Waste, or "Where Old Computers Go to Die and Why You Should Care."

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